Knit 1, Read 2

Sunday, May 30, 2010

School's out for...the remaining part of the spring....

School's out! Yea! Nice to sleep in until 6:30!
So far, I've only done laundry and today, bought a new phone. I will be months learning how to use the thing. I thought a camera was a step up. The camera on this phone is 3 times what my first digital was capable of doing!
Going tomorrow to start with the finishing touches on selling Mother and Daddy's house. Excited to see the new floors, bathroom and roof. Wish they could have seen the improvements. Work starts tomorrow to get ready for the garage/estate sale. Wish I had the guts to take my antique furniture there to sell it as well, but I may try to get a broker to look at it. I think it might be fairly valuable, but I just DON'T HAVE ROOM! There are still 3 houses worth of furniture in this house right now. Couches are pushed up against other couches and tables. Beds lean against the walls. BOXES! Boxes are everywhere. Hopefully in the next few days I will pick carpet, have 3 rooms done, and sell off some stuff.
Teaching a knitting class Tuesday and again next week. Stranded knitting. These poor folks are intimidated by the process. They won't believe me that if you can knit and purl, you can do colorwork. Please! If you can talk while you knit, you can do colorwork. You just might not be able to talk to anyone but yourself while you count! Personal projects somewhat on hold while I ready an example or two for that class.
Later in the month I will be teaching a tatting class. Lacemaking for anyone out there in televisionland who may not be conversant with very obscure needlearts. Most of the participants in that class are retired. You'd have to be to have the time to tie several thousand knots in microscopic thread to make a piece of lace.
On to more interesting aspects of life. Scott has been working on the motorcycle. We hope to ride to Lynchburg for the annual Bike Fest later in the month. After that, we will see. He is sort of hankering for a newer bike (0ne in the 20 year old range) but the only one that has peaked my interest has been a brand new Triumph Scrambler. Looks just like they did in the 60s. It is beautiful! Plenty of room for two fat people, too!
Lyn is home. Well, she isn't living in Arkansas anymore. Graduation was lovely. The president from when I was in school was the speaker. Current president was Burkett's school mate, Scott's professor, and Scott's dad's student. Lyn is currently visiting a friend in Alabama. They don't get to see each other much, so this is a nice treat for her. She is looking for a teaching job, or an artist job, or a burger flipping job...anything really. She's threatening grad school if something doesn't show up soon.
Aaron is STILL looking for work. The economy is in sad shape everywhere in the US, but it is getting pretty dismal at the Rushton residence. He is gone this weekend as well though. Concert festival in Georgia. It was so sad yesterday. Since the flooding has caused so much trouble on the interstates, repair work is going on 24-7. A normal 3 hour drive took him (and buddies) 10 1/2 hours. They were exhausted by the time they got there. Don't know if they had to put up the tent in the rain, but it followed them.
Tree is off of Teresa's house, but she still hasn't had her roof done. Not because there are not people ready and able, she just can't make up her mind on whether or not she wants a new porch to go along with fixing the house! FEMA didn't give her anything and insurance didn't pay that much, but she has to have a new roof and some of the exterior walls repaired.
Did I post about my sister getting married? We all went for a party on the boat and my brother wound up performing the ceremony before we all left! Cruise and a wedding. And it only took 4 hours. That's my kind of destination wedding!
Let's see, last thing, what am I currently reading. I have a couple of David Baldacci's going. The Camel Club and The Hour Game. Just finished a Phillipa Gregory, The Other Queen. I intended to go see The Other Bolyen Girl and never did. This one is about Mary, Queen of Scotts. Makes you have a slightly altered opinion of her if you are openminded. Just knocked off several Sister Fidelmas. Can't wait to find more of those. We bought lots of movies yesterday at the Blockbuster that doing the warehouse liquidation. Got The Secret Life of Bees. They got that movie RIGHT. It was very true to the book, and the book was fantastic. We also got Franco Z's Romeo and Juliet! Can't wait to see that one again after nearly 40 years! That Shakespeare character can knock out a story, too.
Everyone have a wonderful June! May will be over with a bang tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Flooding in Tennessee

Hmmmm. Where to begin. The national news media seems to be ignoring Tennessee's plight. I just erased a sentence about us being considered hicks and rednecks, unworthy of attention from the media, but that is unfair. Keith Olberman mentioned us on MSNBC. Fox News momentarily had us on their top story, but we were quickly bumped by an arrest in NYC, you know THAT doesn't happen everyday. One of my favorite knitting blogs, Mason-Dixon Knitting mentioned us, but that really doesn't count since one of the writers lives right in town.

Aaron tells me I shouldn't be angry because to "those people" on either coast the world is NYC, Chicago, LA and "some stuff in between." That is just the way it is. It may be just the way it is, but it still ticks me off.

This is what I wrote this morning on a friend's facebook page when she reposted a plea for contributions to the Red Cross.
"Facebook may be the only way people are hearing about this. We, like Iowa, are being ignored by most everyone. Even the Weather Channel is paying more attention to the oil spill (granted, it is bad, but it wasn't weather related!) than to the massive flooding here. The rural areas are even more effected. Most of Hickman County still has no phones-landline or cell, electricity, water- if you do have it you're under a boiling order, MANY roads are still impassible because of actual road and bridge damage instead of blockages. Schools and churches which don't have damage are Red Cross shelters (THANK YOU RED CROSS!) and at the last count, there were over 2000 people just in Nashville proper who were in Red Cross shelters. That doesn't count the enormous numbers displaced to hotels, friends and family, their cars, campers nor does it count the 52 other counties hit by the flood. As of 11:00 this morning, I don't believe the president has visited or mentioned us or even yet declared us a federal disaster area, though our governor, Phil Bredesen-D, asked on Sunday for assistance.
Whew. Glad to get that off my chest. Feel free to repost"

Another friend posted KO's shout out to Tennessee and it just made me madder. Here's what I said about that before my son told me I "shouldn't be mad at Keith for being himself and he did say something." The previous quote isn't exact, but it is close to what he meant.

I said, "TN flooding was ignored because of 'bigger disasters' according to Keith Olberman. Bigger? Arizona passing a law? A bomb NOT going off in NYC? A oil spill from 2 weeks ago which is already being addressed? While I appreciate KO mentioning TN in the "Worse" report, truly, he engaged mouth before brain was in gear."

Look here for pictures from the air. Look here for video of "Flooding puts cars, trucks underwater" as well as a house that floats by said cars and trucks, from Saturday. I couldn't find the video I wanted of the people being rescued from their cars on Interstate 24 W by BOAT in the I-24 E lanes. Talk about dramatic. Here's a screen shot.
And here, we have pictures from our own experiences. Teresa's house has a tree on it and a subsequent leak. And, though the picture is blurry due to the falling rain, this is a picture from near the bottom of our driveway looking across the street at the 12 foot runoff ditch, which is full to about a 15-20 foot level at this point for fully a half mile from just out of the shot to below the springs toward Centerville. That brown streak is Old Hwy 46. The small creek on the right is the center of our driveway.
So, now I can sigh and go to knitting and get on with life for a few minutes because I've gotten that off my chest. But please do not mention the baseball fan getting tazered or the oil soaked seaweed in the Gulf. You may be surprised by the amount of ire I still harbor. I'm not mad about the flood. That is weather and beyond our control. However, we can let the media hear us from here in the South.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Gardening with Scott

We put out the garden today, or at least most of it. We lack the asparagus (in a different patch) and possibly some more pole beans (not around the tomato cages.) We have 3 types of tomatoes, 2 heirlooms - Mountain Pride and Amelia, and then a hybrid tommy toe. Seven plants altogether. Around the big tomatoes, we have Kentucky Wonder beans. (Those are the beans Allen's Green Beans use.) Moving toward the house, we have onion, okra, parsley, Brussel sprouts, cayenne and banana peppers, cantaloupe, cucumber, and squash. Scott ran the tiller this year! He made 3 passes on each section (we do modified square foot) and managed really well. Last fall when we turned under to plant turnip greens, he couldn't really keep up with the tiller even on slow. He did fine this time. Of course tonight we are too pooped to pop! Aaron got home in time to help with planting peppers, putting in walkers, and cleaning up. As it was, I came in at 8:00 when it was too dark to see how much water I was putting on anything.

My birthday was Saturday. This year, besides the usual, garden plants, something to bloom or eat - grapes this year - I got something Scott has wanted ForEVER! We bought a table top popcorn popper. As much as he and Lyn enjoy popcorn, I know it will get lots of use here at home, but I am also sure I will use it at school. We've already tried it out and it is amazing how much better the popcorn pops. We had some we were really disappointed with popping it on the stovetop. In the popper, it is huge!

Knit 2 totally adorable jumpers for my great nieces. They were fairly plain until I dressed the dresses with some cute buttons. Can't wait to see my girls wearing them!

Lyn graduates in 3 weeks. This is the end of an era! Aaron should actually finish this summer as well. Exciting times!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This is titled "Knit 1" after all

If any of my knitting friends are still reading this blog, I am almost finished with the Celtic Cardigan. I lack the neckband which will be tomorrow's project. I normally hate seaming up a sweater, but this was not too bad. Got the button bands right on the first pinning and that is the reason for the blog tonight.

I've tried lots of different methods for holding two pieces of a project together while you seam up. Hair clips, blocking pins, actual basting, hemming birds, all sorts of different things others swear by as the be all and end all. I have a different and inexpensive solution that is already in your knitting stash. DPNs! Amazing! You have a 5 - 8" pin in sets of 5. Nothing gets in your way, you can leave them there until all is finished or take them out as you seam. Nothing moves, nothing snags, nothing gets buried and pokes you unexpectedly.

Can't believe that after a good 35+ years of sweater knitting that this was the first time I thought of it. I was just trying to remember if I ever knit a sweater while I was still home with Mother. I don't think I did. I think my first sweater was at college when I got an unexpected invitation to a football game and knit a sweater in less than a week. Of course, I was already knitting without patterns, but this one was a real no-brainer. I held three yarns at once, using the only needles I took with me, Mother's ancient wooden 10s, knit 4 squares - 2 large and 2 just a bit smaller and sewed them together into a very stylish (for the time) short sleeved, warm, burgundy sweater! I wore that sweater for years before I unraveled it and knit someone an afghan with the yarn. That project wasn't nearly as impressive as making a skirt, blouse, and shawl one morning before an afternoon wedding! Not knitted!

Last bit for knitters. I'm reading a Cat Bhordi novel.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I don't think I ever remember this happening. We have snow on snow on snow. There was snow left from the January snow when it snowed so much last week, and now it is snowing again. The weather service says another 2-3 inches tonight. Back when we had the big snow in the 80s, I think it snowed and then we had ice and the temperature didn't get high enough for much melting to occur. Then, I was just happy to get away from my high schoolers for a while. Staying home wasn't a problem. I just can't remember if we were at the farm or already in Judsonia.

We will have to make up school days after tomorrow. That's OK, too. Just so we don't miss so many that we run way into June. The powers that be have already started cutting our spring break down. It is later, shorter, and chopped up for the next 3 years. This doesn't sound like year round school to me!

A fun snow memory if you can believe it, and if you knew my dad, you'll believe it. The winter I was 14 we had a fairly big snow. It hadn't snowed for a couple of years to amount to anything as I remember. My dad told me to get up, get dressed, and put my coat on, I was learning how to drive. Yes. My first driving lesson (stick shift on the column) was in a big snow covered parking lot. He reasoned that as little snow as we get in Tennessee, this might be the only opportunity to teach me the fundamentals of driving in ice and snow. It paid off about 4 years later. On my way to Searcy after Christmas one year, first semester with a car no less, there was ice from the Memphis bridge to Searcy. It took 10 hours to drive that 88 mile stretch. The road from Gallatin to Memphis had been clear for 200 miles.

Actually, I've appreciated the snow this time. I've had a horrible kidney infection and I would have had to be out anyway. This way, it doesn't mess with my sick days. I've had perfect attendance this year. One more good year like that and I'll make up the days I missed with Scott last year. Not that I would do that differently, unless it was to take the full 9 weeks off and just not worry about it at all. Right.

Well, I'd best get my knitting together for the ride to church. I usually get a good solid 2 hours in there and back. It's nice not having to drive anymore!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 2010

I am having a hard time believing it has been a month since Christmas. Today is Scott's birthday. It has been pleasantly uneventful. Last year at this time we were still adjusting to the whole bedridden adventure. This year, we are actually looking at being able to ride the motorcycle again this spring. Amazing.

Aaron is looking hard for work. If you know of a church looking for a youth minister or even a pulpit guy, send him word. It is hard to understand places who turn away without even looking at him since he is single.

Lyn is 3 weeks from finishing classes at school before embarking on student teaching. I am so glad she enjoys it!

I still enjoy teaching every day. There just isn't more to say than that...except that our tiny elementary school ranks #5 academically in the state this year! That may change with the very next test, so it's nice celebrate for a day or ten!

No actual news to share. Just thought I should let folks know we are alive and kickin' here in downtown Bon Aqua!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

Aaron has written a new Christmas blog that I think is worthy of sharing. If you haven't read his blog before, this is a good introduction to his thinking and the feeling I believe his ministry will continue to take. I hope he is able to find a church some time soon.

Lyn is safely home and we will celebrate Christmas tomorrow afternoon and evening with the traditional Christmas burgers and avocado shrimp cocktail and then Christmas day we'll sit around and watch movies. The day after we will go to spend the day with my brother and his family, minus the four in Germany. We will be missing my sister - still in China, but her fiance will possibly be there. The day after we'll go to my oldest first cousin's home for a family reunion.

The knitting has gotten to the point where I need to be in the daylight to finish Scott's sweater, my sweater is coming along, other Christmas projects are finally finished. Lyn's secret Africa socks are finished and seem to fit her. Aaron's secret hat fits well enough that he wore it last night while he slept on the porch (the temp was in the 30's but he thought he'd sleep better with his sinus trouble.) He and Lyn went to the doctor today. Maybe they'll be a bit better by Christmas.

The two for reading: A First Class Murder from the Eleanor Roosevelt series written by her son Elliot. They are such fun reads. Another fun read right now is a collection of letters written by CS Lewis to his young fans. Some of his pen pals wrote him over 20 years! He felt the responsibility to answer all the letters written to him. What a remarkable man.

Have a very merry and a very happy Christmas. May your new year be happy and bright!